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Why SVS?

SVS can provide a range of technically supported product solutions for any requirement regarding a buildings leakproof ventilation and daylighting needs on any type of standing seam or trapezpoid metal roofing sheet

India’s largest homegrown manufacturer and exporter of ventilation and daylighting systems. Founded in 1991, SVS is known in the ventilation and solar daylighting industry for its commitment to sustainable building product design. We’ve invested heavily in R&D and processes to provide smart solutions for achieving comfortable workspaces in pre-engineered buildings ( PEB ), warehouses and industrial sheds using wind driven turbo ventilators, hybrid motorised electric ventilators, tubular natural daylights and HVLS fans.

Sustainability, reliability, and continuous improvement

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Eco-friendly designs and manufacturing

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Global expertise and support

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Sustainability is our core tenet- for your business and for the environment

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70% repeat customers and 100% satisfaction

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We leave our mark all across the globe

SVS is the proud manufacturer of the world’s first vertical vane and hybrid ventilators and the world’s first roof-flush tubular natural daylighting system. Our presence can be felt around the world.

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We continue to expand and innovate our functions including supply chain management, value chain, project scheduling, spares and maintenance, and R&D to provide you with the best ventilation systems.